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[PDF] Betrayal In The City

[PDF] Betrayal In The City




Betrayal in the City

by Em Woodz

rating: 5.0 (7 reviews)

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Sometimes, looking out for yourself leads to the ultimate betrayal.

Starting in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, Betrayal in the City is the beginning of an urban soap opera, chronicling the lives of successful airport owners—Karter and Khristian Taylor.

On the outside looking in, Karter appears to have it all. He’s married to his high school sweetheart Savannah and has two young sons…who don’t belong to her. Savannah appreciates the comfy lifestyle that Karter’s success provides, but deep down, she longs for so much more. She wants a life of her own outside of being just a housewife.

Karter’s brother Khristian has his own demons. After experiencing a tragic loss and finding comfort in drugs, he struggled every day to keep it together. Unfortunately, old habits die hard. To make matters worse, he’s stuck in a love triangle between his fiancée Nycole and the true love of his life Gizelle. Things turn dangerous as they continue to fight for his attention, causing him to almost lose it all.

While trying to balance out their personal and professional lives, the brothers realize that the future of the airport is at stake. They both prove to each other and everyone else that they will go to any length to protect their business, but more importantly, their reputations...even if that means hurting innocent people in the process.

Betrayal in the City is a gritty and wild ride into a world full of jealousy, envy, love, sex, drugs, and violence as these brothers try to navigate through life the best way they know how. But only one question remains...will they survive being thrown into the fire?



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Betrayal in the City Em Woodz

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Betrayal in the City

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